Products of ERI Corporation comply international standards

Using clear business model, our customers receive the products which comply international standards. This approach allows the company to consolidate on international level of air-to-air heat exchangers market. Research and innovation significantly improve the quality of the product. We strive to anticipate changes in the market and be particularly reliable… Continue reading

The importance of proper ventilation

Everyone likes the idea of “smart house”. But you must understand that even incredibly premises do not start with an oven or a refrigerator, but with the quality of the incoming air. You – this is what you breathe. You must keep in mind that quality ventilation equipment is worth… Continue reading

Pledge of health and longevity – clean air!

Modern people spends most of their time at home, in the office, with a computer, that is – in confined spaces. Immunity is left, and people become vulnerable to natural changes, virus diseases, often manifested allergy, insomnia, weakening health. The reason for all of the above is bad air: humid,… Continue reading

The heat recovery process

The heat recovery is the process of getting back. In our case the heat recovery is the process of heating coming out of the room with warm air entering the cold air that enters the house to its airing and ventilation. What is it for? It will help you not… Continue reading