The heat recovery process

The heat recovery is the process of getting back. In our case the heat recovery is the process of heating coming out of the room with warm air entering the cold air that enters the house to its airing and ventilation.
What is it for? It will help you not to pour money down the drain! Because in fact up to 40% of heat disappear in the case of classic natural ventilation. Maybe we should save heat and not heating too much? It is logical to! Here is where we come in handy ventilation system with heat recovery that returning a heat to the house together with the purified fresh air.
In other words, we return to the house heat, which was collected from all rooms of the house. Before you throw out exhaust stale air from the house, we pass it through a heat exchanger, wherein takes away from the exhaust air the heat we need and then it heating incoming cold air to a determined value. In this process laid down ingenious idea – what for use air heating extra energy at home which is very costly and expensive, if you can get it absolutely free.
Efficiency of recovery measured in percentage from 0 to 100.
Zero Efficiency – is efficiency of open window. It means that warm air is removed without the additional use while cool fresh air entering the room, lowers its temperature
The efficiency of 100% (it is technically impossible) may occur if the supply air is heated to the temperature of the exhaust air. The room would be ventilated with no energy loss.
Efficiency of heat recovery in most cases is between 30 and 90%. With an efficiency of over 60% it is considered that the recovery is good, with an efficiency of over 80% – excellent. Heat exchangers by ERI Corporation have a rather high efficiency from 73 to 93%