Ventilation equipment from ERI Corporation for providing fresh air

Oxygen is very important because it is the main component of the air, which is used by all living organisms. Together with glucose, oxygen enters the body and full fill it by necessary energy. When brain cells remain without oxygen for more than 80 minutes, they begin very quickly.
Tiredness, poor mood, and the failure of the body can cause the climate at home. Bad microclimate, including a too dry or too moist air – an excellent environment for infectious diseases spreading, as a person in these conditions is constantly dry mucous membranes, growing fungus and so on. Dry air is dangerous because it contains allergens, dust, smoke, chemicals that at any moment can poison the body and trigger allergic reaction.
Adult man consumes daily approximately 8kg. or 25,000 liters of air. Therefore, solution of the problem of indoor climate is at the beginning of the construction, repair or renovation. Requirements for ventilation equipment, should be formulated before it can be determined by the type, characteristics and system architecture.
That is why ERI Corporation provides a variety set of heat exchangers, recuperators and ventilation equipment, which you can find on our website and book by calling our managers. And don`t forget: Save energy today for a brighter tomorrow!